Initiatives & Projects

Domestic Violence Training Video

Led by the Survivor Advisory group, Stop VAW is created a training video that can be used by organizations and agencies in Perth County to help better understand the perspective of a person who is experiencing domestic violence in their life. The video  includes ‘survivor stories’ – accounts from women who have lived experience of domestic violence and experience accessing services in Perth County. Their stories help break down stereotypes and stigmas about people who experience domestic abuse and ways to support them. It also includes an educational components about recgonizing symptoms and signs of trauma, understanding the trauma informed approach and more effective protection and support for victims.

Watch the full video here

Survivor’s Advisory

The purpose of the Survivor’s Advisory group is to increase input from diverse survivors in the community to end violence against women and allow the survivor’s voice to inform the work of Stop VAW.

Education/Awareness Campaigns & Workshops

We offer training workshops and presentations to community partners, organizations, companies and community groups who request them. Each training workshop/presentation can be designed to fit the needs of those requesting them, both in content and presentation length. Both the training and the accompanying resource materials are available at no cost. Some available workshops include Health Relationships (for youth), Neighbours, Friends and Families (NFF), Make It Our Business, and Cut-It-Out Campaign.


Stop VAW annually gathers local statistics to demonstrate the overlapping realities of violence against women in Perth County. This ‘snapshot’ is an initiative of the South West Regional Coordinating Committee with multiple committees across Ontario participating as well. Stop VAW uses the snapshot to engage local politicians and community members alike to recognize that violence against women is a complex social issue that impacts everyone. The purpose of the snapshot is to inform the community and initiate discussions about what is happening in Perth County.

2022 Snapshot

2021 Snapshot

2020 Snapshot

2019 Snapshot

2018 Snapshot

Building a Bigger Wave

Building a Bigger Wave is an Ontario network of Violence against women coordinating committees, professionals and advocates. Stop VAW is a member of this network working together with the 48 coordinating committees across the province. The network connects agencies passionate about ending violence against women and provides opportunities for coordinated collaboration and projects across regions and the province. For more information about this network, visit the website at